I don’t know what you should be doing during the covid-19 pandemic

by Karolina Kurcwald

There’s a whole lot of people already telling you that.

Use this time to grow. To get out there. To do what you’ve always wanted to do.

To learn, get even more productive, get more [insert whatever it is that you want more of].

Because, if you don’t, you’ll [insert the unfavorable outcome you want to avoid].

I have two problems with that.

The first one is, I don’t really have that much time on my hands. For now. Between work (which I appreciate I still have), and the husband and kid around 24/7.


The other’s a bigger one. The older (or should I say, more experienced) I get, the less I feel I have the right to tell anyone what they *should* or *shouldn’t* do.

As far as I’m concerned, you can sit on the couch, staring at the wall for the next x days. I’ll probably join you at some point.

And, come on, it’s been I forget how many weeks now? Who are you trying to fool, sitting in those sweatpants with unwashed hair (it’s not like I’m trying to project anything onto you)?

Because, aren’t you tired of the x ways you should do this, and y secrets to doing that?

The internet – and especially now – is full of people, experts of all kinds, telling you the ultimate truths that’ll change your life. Or so they say.

While I feel – unless you’re in a very similar situation that I’m currently in or have been in before, or I talk to you and get to know what you’re struggling with, what you’re customers are struggling with, and a ton of other things – I can only tell you what’s worked for me. Or what I’ve seen work for others.

I can suggest you try stuff. Show you options. Quote famous people.

And I have exactly *zero* idea if it’ll work for you.

Because it’s your business. None of mine.

Wait. I know it feels like a weird thing to say by someone who lives off consulting businesses.

It’s called thought leadership, right?

Creating valuable content for your audience.

Sharing your expertise (or xx ways you can do something that for all you know, I might’ve read on the internet.)

But is it? Is it really, if I don’t know you and your business?

I can share my knowledge and experience. But it’s mine. You’re free to take what you think will work for you from it. But you decide.

I can share data from others – like this article that talks about advertising during a crisis. Which might not even be relevant to you and your business. Just as it might not be relevant to mine.

But I can’t tell you with 100% certainty what you *should* or *shouldn’t* do. Not if I’m completely honest.

Because I’ve never been in your shoes.

Having said that.

Even if I don’t have that much more time (although things did slow down), and may or may not have felt just slightly encouraged by the countless pieces of advice (including Instagram and LinkedIn posts that I just indirectly wrote off as useless) that have been coming at me from all over the place (cue my 6-year-old son singing „the internet stinks” to his own tune #truestory). It is actually the time I decided to start my new blog.

(I realize I might sound inconsistent, to say the least. But hear me out.)

I wanted to do this for a long time now. But always prioritized client work over my own. Putting it aside even though I know I could and wanted to do it. And it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done this, either.

(I kinda missed writing and editing posts in WordPress? Never thought I’d say it.)

And no, it’s not because the covid-19 pandemic made me more creative. Or made me realize what life’s all about. If anything, it might take work away from me (not to mention health.) I don’t owe anything to the coronavirus, just so we’re clear.

But, yeah. I’ve made myself a promise (and if you care, I make it to you too) to use this space regularly (more or less, and you know I can’t take it back now), not to tell you what you *should* or *shouldn’t* do. (Feel free to hold me to it.)

But to share my experience and my point of view. Maybe encourage you to turn over an idea in your head. To consider something you haven’t thought about. When it comes to writing, communicating with humans (customers, clients, audiences – whatever you call them), and using words to build your brand. And being yourself in the process.

(Bearing in mind I don’t know what it’s like to be you.)

Because these are things I have stuff to say about.

And you’re welcome to read it.

PS. I could sometimes tell you what you *should* or *shouldn’t* do. But we’d need to have a serious conversation first.

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