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Most of the copywriting I do is an integral part of the messaging strategy or copy audit packages. So if you have your strategy worked out, I can help you turn it into compelling copy. But if you need someone to just write an x number of words (and keywords) to fill up a predefined space, I’m probably not the person to work with.

See, I know too much about what I need to know before I can write copy I can vouch for. (If you’re not entirely sure if what you know is enough to write copy that works, let’s chat to see how I can help.)

It’s for you if you:

Have a clear messaging strategy but don’t really know how to turn it into compelling, consistent copy.

Need a new website, emails, or landing pages and have clear goals – but no resources to do it in-house.

How it works:

landing page or website

I’ll write the copy for your new website or landing page based on your strategy and my own research (including voice of customer research.)

email sequence

I’ll create an email sequence built to get the desired results, whether it’s an onboarding or nurture sequence, a free trial to paid upgrade sequence, or cold email sequence.

entire funnels

I’ll plan and create copy for entire, high-converting funnels, with signup pages, emails, sales pages, and ads.

What you get

Copy that’s on-brand

human, and speaking to the exact problems and desires your customers have

A website, product page, or email sequence

that’s not only effective in communicating your unique value proposition, but also written to convert

A matching message

that’s consistently leading your prospects through your funnel to the final sale (and beyond, if you want.)

I can write:

  • Complete website copy
  • Landing pages and product pages
  • Onboarding/free trial/nurture email sequences for SaaS
  • Cold email sequences for B2B tech
  • Ads
  • Complete online funnels (ads+landing pages+emails)
  • And more

Bring me on board as 
your virtual copy chief

Book me for a day or two a month on a recurring.basis. 
I’ll be available to work with your team on messaging strategy, copy edits, and more.

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Here’s what others say about working with me

Iwona Polak

“She’s the best landing page copy expert I know” – that recommendation did the trick. Because to earn it, you have to be really good. Challenges when writing landing page copy are big, and Karolina tackles them in a flexible and individual way. She always finds value that differentiates a product feature. She’s a true expert you can rely on when it comes to copywriting tasks, but also available to provide consults and advice when we need it. Her openness and the way she works feels like she’s a member of our team – and a valuable one.

Iwona Polak, NapoleonCat

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