Why your tech brand needs a messaging strategy (and why it’s easier to find it if you don’t go it alone)

by Karolina Kurcwald

You’ve been successful. Have a steady stream of customers. Maybe most of them come through referrals, maybe some come across your blog in Google (because yay, your SEO strategy pays off!) But how many of them are your ideal customers? And have you ever had a feeling that you’re offering so many things, but not exactly telling your customers and prospects about it?

I know I have.

I’ve been calling myself a copywriter these days. Because writing’s just what I do (and love doing.) But in reality, I’ve been offering so much more than that.

  • I’ve been auditing websites, landing pages, and email sequences for brands who weren’t happy with the results they were getting

  • I’ve been running brand messaging workshops to help brands (re)define their unique brand personality and positioning among the competition.

  • I’ve organized USP brainstorming sessions where I helped brands clearly see what differentiates them from others and defines their unique value proposition.

  • And then, I also wrote copy (my favorite type being copy that was a natural result of the audits and workshops.)

Much more than you would think a copywriter does, isn’t it?

You can’t read the label from inside the jar 

In recent months, I found that adage to be eerily accurate. I’ve been a messaging strategist and a copywriter. But between countless client projects, I just didn’t have the time or mental space to sit down and turn it into a messaging strategy for myself. A clear differentiator from my competitors. A unique value prop that really expressed what I did and why that worked for others. 

I knew the problems I was solving for brands. But I just wasn’t talking about it.

And, because I was a consultant for brands myself, I knew I needed someone to consult me. Work with me one-on-one and help me articulate what I’m best at – and what I want to do. And let go of all the stuff that I just no longer wanted to do (even though it paid my bills.)

I found the awesome Hillary Weiss, who, for the past weeks, has been helping me do just that. (The first person who – right from the start – made me realize I was a messaging strategist. And called me that!) So I can keep getting better at doing it for others (and myself!)

When you’re engrossed in daily projects, you and your team sometimes just don’t have the time and space to look at the bigger picture. You’re chasing traffic and conversions. Sending your cold emails focusing on the numbers more than on the actual connection. Amassing keywords in your inbound marketing efforts to bring more people to your website, sign up for your free trial or fill out that contact form and request a demo or a quote.

But are these people the right people? Do the reasons they’re choosing to go with you go beyond your price point (and maybe a set of useful features?) Because if they don’t, someone else will come soon enough and offer a better price. Better features. It’s just how it goes.

What are you doing to keep your clients or users on for the long run?

You need more than SEO and sales promos

Sure, lead generation is essential. But it’s not enough to keep your clients and customers with you. 

To do that, you need to find the right people – your ideal customers and clients. The ones you can solve problems for. And the ones you want to work with and have on board.

Otherwise, you’ll just keep chasing that traffic – you’ll need it all the time because the people who do convert (because you’re cheaper, or have that one extra feature no one has YET) will keep leaving you. 

And I bet there’s so much more you’re offering than just the price and a bunch of features. I’ve seen that happen too many times.

Figure out what it is. And tell your clients and prospects about it. (You can even shout it from the rooftops. You deserve it.) Make a true connection with them.

Or find someone who’ll support you in the process by asking the right questions and helping you organize and define what it is that makes you different from your competitors.

Deep down, you might already know that yourself. But maybe the label on your jar is too hard to read from the inside.

If you’re in tech – SaaS or software development – I can help you read it.

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