Privacy Policy

Who I am + contact info

I’m Karolina Kurcwald and run a business registered under the name of Karolina Kurcwald Copywriting, based in Gdynia, Poland, ul. Bp. Dominika 35A/10. As this business, I process your data that you submit on this website.

Sales inquiries

When you fill out the contact form on this website (, I use it only for the purposes of contacting you, setting up calls and sending custom proposals based on your inquiry.

I’m NOT adding you to an email list or any other external database and won’t be sending you any marketing materials you didn’t ask for.

A copy of your message will get saved in the backend of WordPress. I’ll also receive it via email to my address ( and might decide to save it in my records for 1-on-1 communication purposes.

Sign up forms and your personal data

When you sign up on my website to receive marketing updates like new blog post notifications or ebook downloads, you agree to be added to my email list. I’ll store your name and email address in my email marketing platform until you unsubscribe. When you do, I’ll delete them from my database forever.

I currently use Mailchimp for my email newsletters, and you can find Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy [here].

You can unsubscribe anytime using the unsubscribe link in the footer of any of the emails you get from me.

I don’t and won’t share your data with anyone else.


The cookies used on this website allow me to:

  • Display the correct language version of the website when you visit the website again. For the language versions, I use Polylang. You can find detailed information on Polylang’s Privacy Policy [here].
  • Analyze traffic on the website using Google Analytics, including what pages you visit, how long you stay on each page, and how many times you visit the website. You can find Google’s detailed Privacy Policy [here].