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copywriting for SaaS, tech, and purpose-led brands

Hey there!

My name’s Karolina and I’m a copywriter. And looks like you’re looking for help writing your copy. 

Maybe you have a great new product or service to sell, but need someone to help you give it a voice. 

Or you have an established business, but your website, emails, and ads are not getting you enough sales. 

Or maybe you need content to help people find you online, pull them in, and turn them into your customers.

You can stop looking now.  You’re in the right place.

Scroll down to see what I can do for you – and why it should be me.

[what I do]

Copy is your online salesperson. So it’d better be good. And it’d better sound like there’s a real human behind it. 

Because your leads and customers are real people. With real needs and emotions, real questions to ask, real choices to make. You can either answer those questions and needs with your copy, or write anything – and hope for the best. 

Let’s make sure that the best does come. 

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* Website copy that nails down your unique selling points and shows your customers how you can solve their problems – without the usual fluff.

* Emails that persuade people to buy from you or nurture them to become paying customers.

* Sales pages that… sell.

* Landing pages that get people to download your content, sign up for your webinars or events, or build anticipation before your product launch.

* Entire sales funnels that move people from ad viewers to repeat buyers.

* Onboarding sequences that encourage your customers to use your product – and stay with you for longer.

* Upgrade sequences that persuade your free trial users to become paying customers.

* Emails that win back abandoned carts, upsell your products, and get you more customers.

* Honestly? Any emails. (I worked for an email service provider for 9 years. You can trust me on this one.)

* Help with defining a voice that’s true to your brand personality and loved by your customers. 

* Brainstorming workshops that help you nail down crucial brand traits – and turn them into a communication strategy.

* Brand voice guides with style guidelines for your brand.

* Copy written in your brand new brand voice. (Or your old brand voice, if you want.)​

* Ebooks

* Blog content

* Customer stories and case studies

* Online courses

* Any content you want to offer on your blog, in your emails, or as downloads to get the right leads for your business and turn them into paying customers.

Okay, that’s out of the way. But you might still be wondering – why should I let her write my copy? Is she the right person for my brand? 

Let me tell you a little about myself, so you can decide.

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[who I am]

I'm a word freak through and through

I’m a copywriter and a marketer helping brands promote and sell their products and services online, around the world. I specialize in writing copy for SaaS and tech, but I’ll work with any brand that understands the power of a captivating brand voice and is not afraid to stand out.

I’m also a linguist and a translator. So I have insider info on how language works. Add a decade of online marketing experience, and it’s not “just words” you’re getting. 

I’ll get you words that get business results.

I write like your customers talk

Writing marketing copy is like talking to your customer – an actual human being (Hello, human being!) That’s my main rule when I write. If I wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, I keep editing, until I would.

So – even though I looove short sentences – I’ll sometimes write really long ones. Just like in a conversation. And if you want to talk to your customers and solve real problems instead of flooding them with marketing buzzwords – great. Because I want to talk to them, too.

 (Take your business to the next level? Nah, you’ll never hear that one from me. Ever.)

And believe me, I know all about marketing buzzwords

I’ve been in online marketing long enough. I worked for an online marketing platform, writing marketing copy addressed to marketers (that is a lot of marketing!) I’ve also written copy for other SaaS companies, mobile apps, software houses, edu tech companies, and some fashion and lifestyle brands.

Want to know how to test which email subject line works best or what to put on your CTA button to make people click? Want to get back lost customers and have no clue why so few people engage with your emails? (Hint: are you sending everyone the same email by any chance?) Looking for someone who – apart from writing the copy itself – can take a strategic look at your marketing communications? I’m your, well, woman. 

Yes, I know my marketing jargon. But most of all, I know how to find out what your customers are saying, and can help you join the conversation in a way that will make them love your brand. 

[who I've worked with]


Ready to… uhm NOT take your copy to the next level, but to make it work, whatever the level?

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And let’s figure out how we can get there.

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