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messaging strategy and copywriting for SaaS and tech brands who want to be known for more than their products and pricing (and sell more in the process)

Your business is more than a set of features and a price point

And your customers and prospects are looking for more than a service or a subscription plan. You’re helping someone else’s business grow and thrive. And people need to know about it. 

Maybe you have an established business, but feel like you’ve hit a wall when it comes to getting new clients. 

Or maybe you’re launching a new software product, but don’t want it to be “just another email/CRM/social media/[insert your niche here] platform” among hundreds of others on the global market.

You’ve tried all the things online marketing gurus told you to but were left underwhelmed with the results.

Let’s talk about why:

You want to be a stand-out voice in your industry

But you’ve been mostly competing on your product features or price. 

And people only care about these until someone else comes with better features and lower prices (and takes your customers with them.)

SEO and conversion optimization are important. But they won’t do much in the long run if you don’t have a strong, clear and consistent brand message that will draw the people who came in and make the ones that converted stay. 

That’s your competitive advantage that’s always there, regardless of what your competitors come up with next.

You want customers to understand the value right away

But you’ve been struggling to make a genuine connection with them. 

Maybe it’s because you assumed B2B meant “boring to boring”, and forgot businesses are made of people with real needs and emotions, real choices to make, and real questions to ask.

Marketing is a conversation. What your prospects need to become your customers is a clear message expressed in a human way, that speaks to the exact needs of both the end-users and the decision-makers.


You want to go after an international audience

But you don’t really know how to make your message both universal AND specific enough for English-speaking clients in different parts of the world.

Maybe it’s because you don’t have the time or resources to come up with a strategic approach that will set you apart on international markets with more than your price and location.

You could use the help of someone who can take your uniqueness and translate it into a compelling message that will appeal to clients wherever they are.

If any of these are true for you – and you’re ready to change things around, scroll down to see how I can help.

[what I do]

Before you (or I) can write good copy for a website, a landing page, or an email sequence, you need to get to know your audience really well and decide what sets you apart that they won’t get anywhere else. Something that goes beyond your products, services, location, or pricing. 

Because it’s only a matter of time before someone else comes along with a more sophisticated product, a more experienced team, or more affordable prices. 

You need a message that sticks. You need to be you, solving your prospects’ problems in a way no other brand does. 

I can help you get there.

Here’s how (click or tap the arrows to see more):

* Meet me for a messaging strategy and value proposition workshop (online or offline, depending on the geographical distance between us.)

* Based on the workshops, I’ll create a messaging strategy guide with a clearly defined, unique and consistent brand message to use in all your marketing channels and across teams (a walkthrough video included.)

* Get a long-term brand differentiator that sets you apart even when your price or features no longer can.

* Optional: I’ll write new copy for your website, emails, landing pages, etc. (or you can do it yourself, based on your new messaging strategy.)

* I’ll audit your website, cold emails, free trial email sequence, product pages, or other online content

* I’ll prepare an audit report with practical recommendations and real-life examples you can implement (no fluff included.)

* I’ll take a strategic look at your communication with advice on how to make it more consistent and on-brand

* Optional: I’ll rewrite the copy in question (you can also do it yourself, using the audit recommendations, if you want to – that’s up to you.)

Disclaimer: Most of the copywriting I do is an integral part of the messaging strategy or copy audit packages. If you need someone to just write an x number of words (and keywords) to fill up a predefined space, I’m probably not the person to work with. I know too much about what I need to know before I can write copy I can vouch for. (If you’re not entirely clear on your goals, let’s chat to see how I can help.)

* I’ll write the copy for your new website or landing page based on your strategy and my own research (including voice of customer research.)

* I’ll create an email sequence built to get the desired results, whether it’s an onboarding or nurture sequence, a free trial to paid upgrade sequence, or cold email sequence.

* I’ll plan and create copy for entire funnels, with signup pages, emails, sales pages, and ads.

* You’ll get copy that’s on-brand, human, and speaking to the exact problems and desires your customers have.

Now, in case you’re wondering if I’m the right person for your brand.

Let me tell you a little about myself, so you can decide.

Scroll down.

[who I am]

I want you to stand out

Hi, I’m Karolina and I’m a messaging strategist, marketer, and copywriter helping brands promote and sell their products and services online, around the world.

For over a decade, I’ve been working primarily with B2B tech companies like software houses, SaaS platforms, and mobile app creators, helping them navigate their way through the internet ocean of same, boring, impersonal copy.

When I started out, I quickly noticed a pattern. Most tech companies’ websites all look the same. They have the same headlines. The same website structures. The same copy that’s all about them and their products. 

And hardly ever about what they change for their customers and clients (whatever they’re calling them.)

Sure, they create great software for your business (duh!), maybe even help their customers take their business to the next level (ewww!), and increase their bottom line (yuck!). 

But so what?

And yes, I hate buzzwords. But that’s because:

Buzzwords won’t make your customers care
(even if your CEO thinks they will)

You have something to sell. And – from what I’ve seen working with every single one of my clients – there’s something unique about what you do and how you do it. 

But for some reason, you’re not talking about it (or not doing it enough.) You might even feel tempted to take your most successful competitor’s website or email sequence and imitate it. Recreate the design, and rewrite the copy so it’s the same, but different (at least for Google bots, plagiarism detectors, and lawyers.)

I’m here to stop you from doing that, and help you do your own thing: powerful, inimitable, precisely hitting the spot of what your customers want. 

I’m here to help you make more sales by being YOU

(I’m not you. You’re you.)

To take what’s unique about you and what your prospects are looking for and turn it into your core message that doesn’t only make people say “yes”. It makes them say “yes! yes! yaaaasssss!!!”

Writing marketing copy is like talking to your customer – an actual human being (Hello, human being!) And because I’m a linguist, a translator AND an experienced online marketer in one, I can help you nail down what to say and how to say it to your prospects, so they become your customers. Not only once, but over and over again.

“OK, Karolina, but how do I know you can actually do all that?”

OK, let me clear that one for ya real quick with this here handy list.


  • For 9 years, I was part of the in-house marketing team of a global email marketing service provider. I know how the SaaS model works, and I basically know email like the back of my hand.
  • I’ve worked with many companies providing nearshore and offshore software development for business, and know what they’re struggling with when it comes to competing on the saturated market.
  • Apart from holding a master’s degree in English linguistics and translation studies, I also have these fancy badges:
Copy Hackers badges
  • And here are just a few of the places where you can find my writing (and some speaking) online:


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  • And here’s me at Content Marketing World 2015 in Cleveland, because I’ve always wanted to put that pic on my website.
CM World

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