do your customers know why they should buy from you (and not your competitors?)

Ever wish more people cared about what you have to say on your website? (Or in your free trial emails?)

Cared as in: clicked, filled out your contact forms, upgraded their accounts, bought your products?

Every business owner does.

The real question is: do you talk about the things your prospects care about?

Because if you don’t, you might be putting some of your potential customers off with copy that’s almost identical to any website in your industry.

And I bet you don’t want that.

So, have a look at your website. Then download the copy checkup below, go through the questions, and see if the benefits of what you’re selling are as clear to your prospects as they are to you.


what’s inside

The checkup is 10 pages long – but most of it is space for you to fill out. It’s a creative exercise designed to help you see if you’re communicating your benefits in a way that makes your customers care:

→ Go beyond your features and drill down to what your product or service actually changes for your customers.

→ Talk less about yourself – and more about what matters to your customers.

→ Make your unique selling points really unique. You know, not just a repetition of.what your competitors are saying.

about the author

I’m Karolina Kurcwald, a messaging strategist and copywriter. I help SaaS and tech brands define their market differentiators that go beyond their products and pricing and turn them into messaging and copy that makes people care – and buy.

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